Qualification & Monitoring​

Compare different parameters on the same graph for a given period

Choose to view 3 parameters on 1 same graph or Split the 3 parameters into 3 graphs

Advanced and personalized creation and configuration of your thresholds and alarms

Notifications accessible from Dashboard, SMS, Email

Consult the list and the history from anywhere

Integrate microbiological monitoring results into monitoring screens

Prepare your microbiological sampling campaigns

Encode microbiological samples on "smart" forms

Configure your microbiological sampling form : location, test type and conditions

Follow in real time the progress of the test forms: "Microbiological samples"

Intégrer Lyra à votre parc matériel existant

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Historical line chart widget

Custom selection of time periods (Player - Configurator)
  • mouse zoom
  • pre-selection of time period (hour, day, week, month or year)
Data export in CSV format (Player - Configurator)
Customization of widget titles (Player - Configurator)
Manual refresh of data (Player - Configurator)
Overlay of measurands on the same graph (Player - Configurator)

Real time monitoring widget

Configuration of measurands per widget (up to 2 different quantities) (Player - Configurator)
Manual refresh of data (Player - Configurator)
Customization of widget titles (Player - Configurator)
Direct link to the history graph (Player - Configurator)

Monitoring status table widget

  • Custom configuration of tables
Customization of widget titles (Player - Configurator)
Manual refresh of data (Player - Configurator)


Connected Measuring Instruments

List of connected measuring instruments (Player - Configurator)
Direct link to the history graph (Player - Configurator)
Direct link with the data library: configuration of the measuring instrument ( Player - Configurator)
Viewing alarm status (Player - Configurator)
Visualization of graphs by measuring instruments and by quantity ( Player - Configurator)
  • Custom selection of time periods
  • Data export in CSV format
  • Manual refresh of data

Limits and Alarms

Viewing the configuration of the limits (Player - Configurator)
Configuring the limits (Player - Configurator)
  • Grouping measuring instruments possible
  • Action and alert limits configuration
  • Temporisation in & out limits configuration (different form action and alert limits)
Viewing the configuration of the alarms (Player - Configurator)
Configuring the alarms (Configurator)
  • Email notification
  • SMS notification
  • Notification by user configuration 
  • Slient mode available for notification
Notification ( Player - Configurator)
  • Email notification
  • SMS notification
Viewing the history of the alarms (Player - Configurator)
  • Complete list of all alarm histories
  • Possibility of acknowledgment by alarm
    • Summary by alarm
      • Alarm triggering information
      • Reminder of the alarm configuration
      • Graphic zoom on threshold overruns
      • Visualization of thresholds directly on the graph
      • Identifying when the alarm was triggered
      • Print summary by alarm


MONITORING - Packs of your choice


Real time results, alarm configuration and alarms and alert history of connected objects

200€ EXCL.VAT* /month



Manual encoding forms of monitoring data (temperature, humidity, airborn
particulate cleanliness and microbiological monitoring, etc.) and alarm cascades of alarms.

300€ EXCL.VAT* /month



Combinaison de critères pour un déclenchement de seuils adaptés à vos pratiques. Des seuils différents déclenchés automatiquement en fonction des états d’activité réels

400€ EXCL.VAT* /month


CALIBRATION IOQ & Requalification

Calibration test sheets of instruments for measuring temperature, relative humidity, differential pressure, etc.

200€ EXCL.VAT* /month

TESTING IOQ & Requalification

Flow test sheets,
air velocities,
filter integrity, and equipment mapping.

250€ EXCL.VAT* /month

TESTING PQ & Requalification

Test sheets for airborn particulate cleanliness, Microbiological (Sampling) and other tests under stress conditions.

250€ EXCL.VAT* /month


60€ EXCL.VAT/ configurator 

40€ EXCL.VAT / player